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New Protein For Dental Implant Patients

Hundreds of Plymouth dental implant recipients have replaced missing teeth with jaw-bone anchored tooth implants. Unlike a dental bridge, a tooth implant consists of a titanium post inserted into the jaw bone. The bone meshes with the post to create a strong base for the natural-looking prosthetic tooth and crown that attaches to the post…. Read more »

Are You At Risk For Bone Recession?

We all know that a healthy smile requires decay-free teeth and healthy gums, but how often do we appreciate our jaw bone? Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful. Today’s post looks at bone recession. Occasionally, a patient experiences bone recession in their jaw which can cause tooth loss and… Read more »

Tooth Replacement For The 21st Century

Not everything was better back in the “good old days.” Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of Ypsilanti people who have lost many or all of their teeth. However, Grandpa’s old-school false teeth are not the ideal tooth replacement. Traditional dentures can impede… Read more »

Implants Make Life Better For Ypsilanti Denture Wearers

The condition of your teeth has a significant impact on your quality of life. Ann Arbor denture wearers understand this all too well. The path from healthy teeth to a toothless mouth is downhill. Tooth decay and gum disease are painful. Treatments such as fillings and root canals are costly and inconvenient. If the teeth… Read more »

The Health And Beauty Consequences Of Missing Teeth

Hello. I am Dr. Gary Sasaki. Thanks for visiting my blog. Today’s post focuses on missing teeth and bone health.

Our teeth have many important functions. We need them to chew our food, talk, and smile. But have you ever considered their role in holding up your face? When we lose teeth, the bone around the site of the extraction begins to shrink. This, in turn, causes our facial muscles to sink in and collapse.

Getting Ready For A Dental Implant In Ypsilanti, Michigan

Dr. Gary Sasaki at Gary Sasaki DDS, MS in Ypsilanti, Michigan believes every patient deserves a remarkable smile whether it takes dental bridges, teeth whitening, or general dentistry. Today’s post will address the preparation needed for dental implants. Consider calling 734-482-7466 today for your own personal consultation and to receive one-on-one information specific to your… Read more »

Eating Got You Down, Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbor men and women with missing teeth know that chewing can be difficult and painful. If you are looking at the cost of dental implants in Ann Arbor and feel uncertain whether this is the step you ought to take, come see Gary Sasaki DDS, MS at The Dental Spa to learn all about tooth implants. Dental implants are usually the best permanent tooth replacement for Ann Arbor people whose missing teeth make it hard to chew and eat.