Testimonials About Our Ypsilanti Dentists

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

“For 10 or 15 years, I was terrorized by a cracked tooth that showed nothing on the surface. I could crack nuts but had shear pain when eating breads. The pain was sudden & stressful. Thanks to the Canary*, the deep cracks showed up and Dr. Sasaki was able to treat an invisible problem.”

- Vic D

“The Dental Spa lives up to its name in every way and will not only exceed your expectations for comfort and excellence, but will also transform your perspective on going to the dentist. Dr. Sasaki is an accomplished, experienced, and highly recognized Doctor of Dentistry and The Dental Spa is the epitome of dental care excellence. From the highly skilled Dental Assistants, to the Professional Massage Therapist there to assist with patient relaxation and comfort, to the incredible Office Professionals who efficiently handle and conscientiously process patient files to ensure the maximum insurance benefit, I can say with absolute confidence that this is the finest Dental Office at which I have ever had the privilege of being a patient.”

- Suzanne Siegle, Ann Arbor, MI

"I’m so glad I got my veneers, its the best thing I have done for myself, seriously. I have had them for several years now. I’m a singer so my mouth is an important part of my life. I was always afraid to show off but now I smile all the time. I’m happy to have it on camera. Having them done completely changed my life. It’s the best thing I did!”

- Dayna, Los Angeles

“Hello! My name is Joe Blavatt. I have been a patient here with Dr Sasaki since 1975 or 1976. Initally, I came here because I was referred by one of his students when he was an instructor because I confessed my fear of the dentist. I went to doc and its been 31 years now. I cannot say more about him and his staff. They are wonderful! If you want the best dentist on the planet, and maybe that is too biased, you should come see him and his staff. Take Care.”

- Joe Blavatt

“As a patient of the Dental Spa, I have never before so looked forward to a trip to the dentist office! From the minute you walk in until you leave, you are pampered by warm and caring staff who offer a wide array of amenities to help you enjoy your experience. Enjoying relaxing music, guided imagery and a foot massage while also receiving dental services from a calm and gentle professional is an AMAZING experience…and will definitely keep me coming back!”

- Shelley L. Koyl

A conversation between a mother (Claire) and her 4 year old daughter (Joie):
Mom: I have an appointment at the Dentist.
Joie: I want to go.
Mom: But you don’t have an appointment.
Joie: But mom, it’s my favorite place to go!

- Claire

“When I started coming to Dr. Sasaki he treated me with special care, I am much happier today because of my new smile. Thank you so much Dr. Sasaki and his staff for everything. I smile all the time!”

- Dennis Runyon

“Before treatment at The Dental Spa I was afraid of going to the dentist. Over the years Gary and his staff have made me feel very comfortable. They always make certain to schedule my appointments when I can relax with a foot and hand massage. They are great!”

- Michelle G. Henderson
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