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We believe that a day at the dentist should feel like a day at the spa.

The Dental Spa - about us

The Dental Spa was established by Dr. Gary Sasaki in 2003 and was the first of its kind in Michigan. Today, Dr. Gary Sasaki, Dr. Ryan Sasaki and Dr. Joseph Miller firmly believe that a day at the dentist should feel like a day at the spa. At the practice - aptly named The Dental Spa - patients are invited to enjoy many soothing amenities before or after appointments. The result is excellent dental care in a low-stress environment

At The Dental Spa, comfort is paramount. From candles and fresh flowers to sound therapy and massage pads on each chair, the doctors and team are laser focused on creating an environment that promotes overall wellness, not just oral health. Dr. Gary and Dr. Ryan are renowned for their meticulous care and holistic view of dentistry, making them among the few dentists in the greater Ann Arbor area that care for the patient’s well-being as a whole.

We invite you to enjoy the following complimentary services and items:

Fresh flowers

Candles to relax you

Soothing sound machines and music style of your choice

Coffee, bottled water, tea, and hot chocolate and snacks to go

Soft pillows for your comfort

Aromatherapy and heated / massaging chair pad

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